Sunday, January 27, 2013

City Sketch

Hello Inter-web. Haven't posted anything in a while. I'm currently still Art Directing my first CG
production, so I've been fairly busy as well as learning alot. In order to talk the talk with the software pros at work I've been picking up some Maya and Zbrush and dabbling in modelling and lighting etc. I previously had learned Google Sketchup to utilize some 3D for my personal comic project so it wasn't a giant stretch. 
Aaaaanyways, one thing I have come to realize is that a CG pipeline is not without its weaknesses. It is extremely time consuming to model environments off in the distance(especially if they are only ever being used for the distance). So, as it turns out, my experience in 2D comes in handy in the form of matte painting.

Short story long, I'm now trying to brush up/advance my digital painting skills starting with a quick sketch of a city. I doubt I will bother tightening this one up or modelling any CG, but it was fun to jump back into 2D for a bit. I have no desire to compete with the proper matte painters of the world, but I AM hoping to work towards being a more well rounded concept/environment artist. Thanks for reading!